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These videos are a compilation of bits and pieces from my culinary trips, and are meant to be a taster of what you can get going to those destinations. Make sure to read the relative posts for the fuller picture.

Will be updated frequently so make sure to drop by this page again for the new videos ;)

Culinary Mauritius 2013
Yes Mauritius is famous for nature, relaxation, stretches of white sand hugged by with turquoise waters and lined with coconut palms, diving and and and... But what is less known is its culinary heritage which turned out to be historically very important to the world and eventually produced a cuisine so delicious and produce so exquisite and unique! Yes this is the other side of beautiful Mauritius, and it is just as beautiful. Here is a taster. Read the posts on this link for the fuller picture :)

Fun Mauritius 2013
Just because you are traveling Culinary does not mean that is all you are going to be doing. Mauritius is really fun and here is some of what you can do there besides the amazing food stuff :))

Exploring Culinary Istanbul 2013
In this clip you will see a little bit of Istanbul's amazing culinary scene. You will also see segments of the arts and culture that make Istanbul such a fascinating place. Istanbul is a place that I have connected with deeply, I guess the city has that effect on people! It is real and culturally rich both through its history and modern take on life, all of which is very evident in its cuisine.

Culinary Road Trip North of Spain 2012
I had gone on a road trip through the North of Spain, the holly grail of all culinary destinations. And boy was it the best culinary trip ever! I had covered the whole of the North from the Basque Country, Catalonia, Madrid & Rioja region and each city over delivered and more. I ate some of the best foods ever, met the best chefs (actually the one voted the world's best that year and her father who eventually lost the title to his daughter!), and went to some of the wildest parties ever! This video is just a taster, for the fuller picture check out the posts in this link.

Seychelles 2011
I had gone to Mauritius unknowing of its culinary heritage, or the vast cuisine to which it belongs. Creole cuisine has become a fascination ever since!

Garden Route Road Trip South Africa 2010
In this clip you will see photos from one of the 3 road trips I did in South Africa - The Garden Route. Flew to George, and drove down the whole of the Garden Route all the way to Cape Town. What fun, and what fabulous scenery, food, wineries... best of all the Knysna oyster beds... 
here is a glimpse...

NYC Bakes Trip 2010
Had gone to NY on a special baking quest and of course enjoying NYC famous food scene. Also found myself stumbling upon the coffee industry and renewed my love affair with Little Italy and all the grilled Pizzas. And you know how New York is: A wide scale PARTY!! Good fun :))

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