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Thursday, 25 September 2014

A seasonal culinary adventure right around the corner, just in Time for Eid!

A Omani Traditional Majlis, just by the cliff of the Green Mountain!

Thinking of what to do during this upcoming Eid vacation? How about a quick and awesome culinary adventure? But you just got back from summer vacation, can you really take another one and travel??? YUP, this one will fit right into the small break coming up, and it is just around the corner! Why not visit Oman's Green Mountain? You say why? Check this out...

Domestic tourists and travellers from neighbouring countries alike flock to Jabal Akhdar in the Sultanate of Oman to sample the renowned flavours of the seasonal fruits harvested in the region in September and in October. So you too can enjoy discovering and munching on this rich mountain's seasonal produce.

Among the variety of Mediterranean fruits grown on the highlands of Oman is the pomegranate, whose trees are found in abundance around Alila Jabal Akhdar and provide vibrant bursts of pink and red across the mountain range. I was lucky to be at Baker & Spice (Al Manzil) the other day, when the pomegranates had just arrived from Oman's Green Mountain to stock the shelves of the Farmhouse (my absolute favourite organic, seasonal produce shops in Dubai). So of course I got to taste and am telling you they were gorgeous, delicious, fresh and all that you want a pomegranate to be. I even instagrammed that you should run and grab some :)

In addition, other luscious fruits now in season include grapes, strawberries, raspberries, pears, apricots, plums, peaches, figs, walnuts and almonds. Seriously who does not want to be there?

The Barley Fields in Oman's Green Mountain 

The good news is, there is a beautiful resort there, that will make your stay even more rewarding. However short that stay is, you will definitely feel rejuvenated, and with the consumption of all this fabulous seasonal produce you will come back a changed person! Not only breathtakingly beautiful, and with access to the Green Mountain's natural beauty, but the Alila resort also embraces the bounty of its surroundings and the natural properties of the pomegranate, long valued within the local communities, has been incorporated into the property’s spa treatments and restaurant menu.
And because we are talking culinary, and since pomegranates are the main produce of Jabal Akhdar, they are featured in an array of dishes served at Alila, such as salads, sorbet and a number of desserts. They are all prepared by the new Head Chef at Juniper Restaurant, which is named after the juniper trees that grow in the highlands of Oman and decorate the walls of the resort.

Guests can discover the area’s rich pomegranate heritage through the leisure concierge service, whose staff is drawn from the neighbouring villages. Walks can be arranged through the walnut and pomegranate groves in which guests can sample the fresh local produce. For guests who seek to experience the souk environment, a trip to the Nizwa village at the base of the mountain can offer better prices to those found in Muscat for the sweet fruit; or stops by the road to chat with the local vendors and purchase their freshly harvested supply. While at Nizwa, do ask about their traditional Shiwa (meat cooked buried underground) which also happens to be very popular during Eid.

A breathtakingly beautiful seasonal Culinary adventure right around the corner, the perfect activity for this upcoming Eid vacation ;)

The beauty of being in the company of Nature
The Green Mountain - Sultanate of Oman

For further information on Alila Jabal Akhdar, please visit:
And for reservations, email or call +968 2534 4200

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