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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Destination Jordan

Jordan is a beautiful country with equally beautiful people. A unique place with everything; the ancient, the new... The traditional, the modern... The mountains, the valleys, the dessert, the sea... Everywhere in Jordan you find a piece of history followed by a piece of something new!

Culinary wise the country is rich! from the traditional and decades old popular restaurants, to the more modern and trendy ones all is there for you to enjoy. But my absolute recommendations, culinary wise is to Visit Wadi Rum and eat with Beduins, and absolutely unique experience. Visit Al Karak and see how Jameed is made (fermented yogurt balls). Go to Ajloun & Jerash and taste the best ever labneh. In Jerash Um Khalil restaurant is a must, beautiful scenery and an amazing stock of artisanal Mooneh (Pantry foods). Then Go to Al Ghor (Jordan Valley) and taste the local produce (fruits and vegetables) straight from the farmers and while you are at it, if you are lucky, you get to taste the heavenly Allayeh made on Al Saj (a tomato-based stir-fry cooked over an iron skillet (not by any means the fancy type) but by all means the most delicious ever!.... And all this is just to name a few!

A must visit!

Check this post for Jordan Street food Must try's.

Here is a picture album from Jordan
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