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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Giveaways from Mauritius!

Sugar Cane cultivation has forever defined Mauritius and its people.
Sugar cane arts are a huge part of Mauritius's historical and current arts.

I have just been on the most amazing Culinary Trip in Mauritius. Mauritius is breathtakingly beautiful (see some photos here), rich in culture and history that it has been a hot tourist destination forever. Stretches of white sand beaches, marvelous nature and scenery everywhere, a diversified and colourful culture along with the friendliest people ever... oh and safari tours!... what's not to like? But that is not all! Not by a long shot! The best thing about Mauritius is that it's such a diversified culinary destination (see some photos here)! And its people know it very well. So much so, that they have created an entire tourism based on food stuff, produce, suppliers, and even historical accounts and museums of stuff like tea, vanilla, sugar, rum...! I really can't say enough: I highly recommend travelling 'Culinary' to Mauritius to all foodies and those who like to add interesting to their food knowledge.
Since I was so inspired over there (Literally did not want to leave, and want to spend the rest of my life there), and also since I will be teasing your appetites with the foods and stories of Mauritius, I thought it is only fair to give you a chance to taste some of Mauritius culinary offerings

So I have brought back a few giveaways for the lucky winners to try. So if you would like to get your hands on one of these giveaways and giving it a shot, make sure to read and follow the instructions below ;)

To Qualify for the draw you must:
  • Be in Dubai [cannot ship food stuff to those outside of Dubai :( ]
  • Follow my facebook fan page 'Gastronomy by Dima Sharif' 
  • Follow @DimaSharif on Twitter to follow my food adventures and updates
  • Add +Dima Al Sharif to your connections on Google + to keep updated with new posts relevant to your preferred giveaway (the best way to stay posted with this blog and my new Culinary Travel Blog)
What you need to do to win :))

  1. Decide which giveaway you would like to enter the draw for. Follow this link to see the giveaways and please leave a comment under the photo of your preferred giveaway for me to know your preference. Feel free to vote for more than one giveaway.
  2. I will be posting all about Mauritius, its many adventures on my blog Culinary Travel: to tell you where to go, what to try and expect. At the end of each post I will have a question, please take a moment to comment under the blog post with an answer to this question. Feel free to share other thoughts about the post topic too. 
  3. Read the recipes I will post on this blog for ideas on how to best use your giveaway :)

A lot of excitement and many stories and good dishes coming up, so don't miss out and make sure to take part. The best giveaway of all is to help you make your travels way more interesting by adding culinary, to inspire destinations and explore their offerings. Last but not least, to spare your trips from some disappointments if there are any.

Let the culinary adventure begin,
Good Luck
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